Eco Friendly

Environmental Practices

At the SilverOaks Hotel Geyserland we strive to satisfy our guests needs while still being kind to the environment. Throughout the Hotel you will find sustainable services that make it easier to play a part.

  • Our guest rooms reflect the smart sensibilities of going green, the large windows and open plan bring in as much natural light as possible. We have outfitted the rooms with Energy Star qualified products, recycling bins for plastic, paper and glass. We use recycled paper products. We use silverware and glassware instead of disposable products. Showers feature dispensers for shampoo/ conditioner and body wash, rather than wasteful mini bottles.
  • Green cleaning products help keep the SilverOaks Hotel Geyserland sparkling clean and healthy for people and for the planet.
  • The landscaped gardens feature native trees and scrubs.
  • The Hotel is continuing reviewing and updating it’s environmental practices.